Frequently Asked Questions


I require a generator, however I am unsure of what size I need?

If you know the maximum current draw in Amps or kilowatts of the equipment will be using then you can get an approximate idea from the rental guide section of this site. However for a more accurate calculation, the best method would be to call one of our agents on Freephone 08000 75 13 13 who will be able to assist you.

How long will the fuel last in the generator?

The size of the generator will play a big part in how much fuel it will use, as well as how much load you are pulling and the ambient temperature. With a simple calculation, this can be quite easily worked out, however when a quote is supplied, this information will be provided as a matter of course.


How is the delivery charge calculated?

As we operate our own fleet transport including hiab lorries and traction units, we can keep the cost of transportation down to a minimum. The delivery cost is calculated in miles from our nearest branch to your required destination.

Electrical Engineering

Is there a back up facility available when there are power interruptions?

We can supply a generator as standby, linked to your main supply via an automatic mains failure panel, when your supply is interrupted, the panel will sense this and start the generator and vice versa. For more information please contact our depot who will assist you further.