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Emergency / Portable Generators from Power Rental

Power Rental provide top-quality Generator Hire from a range of well-known manufacturers.

Power Rental has Hire Depots in Northern and Southern England, Nationwide Delivery & Collection can be arranged. To accompany your Generator Hire, Power Rental offer a range of Generator Extras and also provide the opportunity to purchase a wide range of Generators for Sale.

Generators for a Range of Industries

Generator Hire for Utilities

Power Rental specialise in supporting utility companies, whether you’re an electricity, water or gas board, during planned or emergency power cuts. We’ll help keep your customer downtime to a minimum. No matter how substantial your need, we’ll gladly assist you.

Concert/ Festival Generators

Your concert or festival must have an uninterrupted power supply from on-site generators. Power Rental will deliver and install the machine(s) for your concert hire along with any cabling needs you will require.

Construction Generator Hire

Power Rental will deliver, install and distribute all the Generator power you need around your construction site. All of the ancillary electrical equipment such as cables, transformers, fuel tanks and distribution boards will also be installed by us.

Manufacturing Generators

Power Rental are specialists in supporting manufacturing companies should they experience power outages. Power Rental fully understands the need for an uninterrupted power supply for your processes. We can also install a back up power supply.

Wedding Generator Hire

Power Rental understand it is vital that your wedding runs without any problems. Power Rental’s generators are fully maintained and tested to ensure they run smoothly during your Wedding Generator Hire.

Air Show Generator Hire

Power Rental take quality assurance very seriously; Air Show events must adhere to strict guidelines set out by the MOD. We welcome enquiries for silent generator hire from those organising an Air Show.

Emergency Standby Hire

For Temporary Power Cuts / Emergency Standby call Power Rental! We are experts in getting temporary power to you as quick as possible. We’ll link you up to a top-quality machine in no time.

Outdoor Event Generators

Generator, Portable power and lighting solutions are needed at almost all outdoor events. Power Rental’s service will provide you with machines that are maintained, monitored and fully tested.
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